Here are a few more of these exorbitant luxury foods that are to die for. These are truly expensive but connoisseurs claim worth all that you spend on them.

Foie gras is second only to caviar when it comes to the delicacies offered by the European cuisine. It is sourced from the liver of geese, foie gras d’Oie, or Foie gras de Canard from ducks. It is not the natural liver of the aquatic birds but is specially obtained. The bird is force fed, grains through a tube that is passed through its throat. This is known as gravage, and it is claimed that it does not hurt the bird. The liver expands considerably and develops the texture of butter. It is a coveted delicacy but banned in many American cities like Chicago.

Vanilla Beans, yes you read it right. We are not talking about the vanilla essence or the commercially available vanilla extract that can be found in every kitchen, we are talking about the real thing here. The pure extract is honey colored and has almost 35% alcohol to it, but even that does no justice to the vanilla beans. The vanilla bean that is bought from stores goes through a month long journey from being a vanilla pod to the lovely bean. Store in sugar till you need it and when you do slit open and use the seeds for heavenly flavor.

Oysters the popular aphrodisiacs don’t come cheap if you want the good stuff. Difficult to harvest, even more so to store these sea delicacies are a tasty treat. Served raw, in their juice and still in their shells these mollusks are a hot favorite as appetizers.

Truffles are a rare delicacy and white truffles even more so. Earlier it was very difficult to source out truffles in the wild, as they grow underground. Even then pigs were used to sniff them out. Usually used as slivers to flavor dishes white truffles are truly expensive at almost $3000 for a pound.