fur-giletI have a little bit of fashion inspiration today for all you budding fashionistas! When I began blogging I started scouring blogs, online magazines, and online fashion stores, just to see what it is all about and gain some inspiration and ideas. Whilst stumbling, I stumbled upon this little gem!

Mamma Was A Rolling Stone is an online vintage store and a blog ran by the very talented Bryna, a lady from Australia who migrated over to America this January, not only does she run her own blog Mama Was A Rollin Stone, but she is also the owner and creator of an online store that sells vintage and vintage inspired clothing and accessories, called Rolling Stone Vintage Clothing. I wont ramble but her stuff is simply stunning, accessible and completely varied. Look and read for yourself…. I interviewed her!!

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Okay, my name is Bryna. I’m 26. I’m actually Australian but I just moved to America in January.

What led to you opening your online store?

For three years, I had been living overseas. When I returned to Australia and started to look for a job, I realized I wanted to do something different, something that I enjoyed. I have always loved vintage clothing and fashion and it just seemed like the natural next step.

Tell us about what your store in tales/ sells etc?

We sell vintage and vintage-inspired clothing, shoes and accessories. We have an emphasis on vintage from the 60s-90s, especially 80s punk and 70s bohemian. We literally sell everything from an 80s swimsuit to a 70s floral dress to a pair of 90s grunge boots.

Where do you think your love of vintage comes from?

I’ve always loved fashion. My earliest “vintage” memory is trawling Glebe Markets in Sydney, Australia and picking out these unique pieces to buy. I used to love taking something to school or out with my friends that no one else had.


What inspires you?

I am inspired by travelling, different cultures, fashion, style, good books, music, everything. Travelling has probably been my biggest fashion inspiration – I have been lucky enough to spend a lot of the last few years travelling and I’ve never been so inspired.

Describe your personal style

I would like to think it is a kooky mix of vintage and modern, with a bohemian twist on some days and a more edgy, tough vibe on others. My closet is full of floral dresses, knee high boots and jeans.

Do you have a muse?

No one in particular – I am constantly inspired by different people. I love people who have many different things going on in their lives, like Lou Doillon, for example – she paints, photographs, designs clothes, acts. I would love to be able to do a whole lot of different things that I love.

What are your wardrobe staples?

Dark sunglasses, a great pair of jeans, a pair of leather boots, a little white summer dress and some ethnic jewelry.


Do you follow designers, if so which ones?

My long-time inspiration lies with Marni, Balenciaga, Anna Sui and Balmain. I also love Luella, Etro and Isabel Marant.

Do you shop on the high street, if so what are your favorite stores?

The words “high street” instantly transport me back to when I lived in London! Living in London, my favorite stores were Topshop (obviously) and Miss Selfridge. Now I’m in America, I love Topshop NYC, H&M, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters. Plus a billion non-high street stores!

What does ‘style’ mean to you?

True style, to me, means not caring what other people think. I struggle with this myself, a lot, but over time, I build up the confidence to wear what I want.

What is the best vintage piece you have ever purchased?

One of my first ever was a suede bag with fringe – I loved it until it died. Also, an ethnic tunic and a studded dress that looks like it is straight out of Balmain’s latest collection. I’ve also been struggling with wanting to keep the things I get in for the store – there is a sequined bandage dress that I just LOVE and a red and black leather bandage dress too.

Do you spend at lot of money on clothes?

I definitely, definitely do when I have money – London was an absolute killer for me! At the moment, I’m pretty broke as it all goes back into the business, so I’m struggling on a day to day basis not to go on a shopping frenzy!

Do you collect anything other than vintage clothing?

No, I don’t collect anything else. But I do have a rather large box of keepsakes.. I have every train/plane/bus/museum ticket from every place I’ve ever been.


Do you have any advice to offer anyone wanting to open an online store like yourself?

Sure. Be prepared for many months of doubting yourself, spending money and feeling like you want to throw it all in. And also be prepared to love that you are doing something for yourself, love that you have forged your own path and love that when you get a sale or a write up in the press, it’s because of all your hard work.

So do have a look at her fantastic online store Rolling Stone Vintage Clothing and also her wonderful and very informative blog, Mama Was A Rolling Stone.

Ps…. Bryna is the model in the pics!

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