It may still be winter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start getting excited about spring’s hottest fashion and beauty trends! This year neons and nudes are costarring for a very interesting blend of colors and moods. Read on and learn how to work these trends!

Neons and Nudes Shades in your WardrobeShades of blush and nude have a perennial resurgence in popularity, but the hottest way to wear them for spring 2013 is paired with electric neon shades: think highlighter yellow, lime green, acid pink, and tangerine orange. The combination of demure nudes and eye-popping neons is fresh, funky, and incredibly chic.

Here’s how to do it. Start with a nude piece you already own, like a champagne nude sheath dress. Add neon accessories, like a skinny belt, pumps, or a handbag. Don’t feel like you have to mix your neons; try a yellow belt and pink pumps or an orange handbag with lime green heels. Mixing keeps it modern.

Another fun and unexpected way to bring neons into the mix is in your makeup. If you’re wearing nudes, try a neon polish. To make a bright nail polish pop even more, start with a base coat of white nail polish. Once the base coat is dry, add your neon color. While neon pink is the obvious choice, don’t overlook electric shades of fuchsia, orange, and lime green. Canary yellow and highlighter yellow-green are both popular this spring as well.

Once you’ve played a bit with mixing neons and nudes together, you can begin mixing neons into the rest of your wardrobe with more ease. Try a crisp white outfit with neons for an unexpectedly summery outfit. While neons with black can seem harsh and too nightclub-bound, neons with white scream tropics and vacation.

A small pop of neon is just the thing to wake up sedate denim, so try a neon skinny belt with jeans and a tucked-in button-down for a really chic twist on your standard casual outfit. This is a great way to break up double denim, if you’re daring to try that trend also this season!

Just because you’re wearing neon, don’t be afraid to wear other bold elements. Why not striped pants with a neon top? A floral skirt with neon heels? Or a bold colorful sweater with neon nails? Experiment with different pieces until you find something you love and don’t worry if it looks slightly imperfect, as that’s part of the fun.

One more way to try neons and nudes together: go bold with neon makeup. As scary as it sounds, it’s actually very doable. A swipe of neon shadow used as eyeliner on your lids gives a pop of Crayola color to your face without being too overpowering. Obviously the usual makeup rules apply here: keep cheeks and lips subdued so you don’t look like you’re on your way to a rave. If you’d rather try a bright lippie, use champagne shades on your eyes.

You can however match lips or eyes to your nails for double the neon fun. It might not be work appropriate, but it will certainly wake up your weekend! Electric shades of coral, pink, or fuchsia lipstick look great with lime, yellow, or orange nails. Crayola yellow eyeliner would pop with pink or purple nails.

Above all, have fun! The neons and nudes trend is about breaking the fashion rules and having fun with your clothes, so don’t take it all too seriously! And remember your shades you’re going to need them!