It is easy to take the surfaces we walk on for granted, and yet to do so is a mistake, especially for people with an interest in interior design. The look and feel of a whole room is defined by the design of the flooring, sometimes even on a subliminal level.

With that in mind, it is critical to give serious consideration to flooring when designing any room. Indeed many designers would suggest that this is the best place to start because once the flooring has been worked out, everything else can be built from there.


Why choose carpets?


Fashion, by its very definition, is subject to change and this is as true in the world of interior design as it is anywhere. While hardwood floors or those covered with laminate or linoleum have been popular at certain times and in certain places, many people have a distinct preference for carpet.


Having something soft underfoot imbues a room with warmth and homeliness that simply cannot be achieved with harder, colder surfaces and this is perhaps why it remains a perpetually popular choice and something that invariably comes back into fashion. Carpet also has the versatility to be hardwearing and luxurious at the same time.


Trends and Fashions


There are two primary areas to consider when choosing a carpet. The first is color and pattern, the second is texture. The correct combination of these will provide exactly the right kind of look to suit any room, as well as offering a solution to practical problems such as soil and vacuum marks, and general wear and tear through every day use.


The interior design world has recently seen a move towards layered color and soft texture in carpet, offering flexibility and addressing these very concerns. Bold colors come in a variety of styles and textures, including multicolored loops, cut loop surfaces and Berber styles. Similarly, a variety of patterns, many of which reflect natural elements such as leaves and flowers, can be easily matched with patterns in other decorations and furnishings and have the potential to give a room an organic look and feel.


To incorporate such designs within an interior design scheme for different rooms, one should begin with the overall look and feel desired within a specific room and simply build up from here, continually coming back to the original vision to ensure this is being achieved.


Care and Maintenance


Like any surface that has been carefully designed and decorated, carpets must be given due care and attention to ensure they maintain the freshest and most attractive appearance well into the future.


A green carpet cleaning Toronto company offers an innovative cleaning system that can help carpets maintain their appearance without the need for harsh chemicals or excessive use of soapy detergents, which can over time have a detrimental effect on a carpet and be environmentally harmful.


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Our carpets are a fundamental part of our homes, so getting them right is essential. For general advice and more information about current trends click here, and click here for hints and tips around maintaining them in the best possible condition.