Designing your own t- shirts and flaunting them at your friends, is a cool thing. You can paint your t -shirts with water proof colors or you can get your own favorite quote or picture, or any favorite design of yours printed at a store. If you choose this process for a project then you would find yourself amidst ample of alternatives, whether you want to print it by your own or just want a general printed t- shirt. Another thing to keep in mind is the color of your t- shirt should be such that it will reflect whatever you have printed on it. For example, take dark colored t- shirts if you are printing a white design or vice versa .Of course it’s up to you to choose bright eye catching colors, but nevertheless, the white colored t- shirts are easy to print.


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T- Shirt printingprocess needs a lot of thinking and planning. Your printer only supports certain color graphics. So if you are printing a white image of people wearing white clothes then the image would merge in the background.

If the t -shirt is of light color, even the white smoky clouds which would be in the background would get diluted in the color of the t- shirt. Remember, your images would always mingle in the shades of light colors. So if you are trying again, say with a light blue t- shirt then the people and the smoke and whole of the background would be blue.



Image 2



Choosing an Appropriate colour & T-Shirt Paper

Take note of the fact that the printer’s ink would get engulfed in the t- shirt during the printing process. Like for e.g., a light blue ink on a bright yellow t -shirt would not enhance the effect. The whole area would become leaf green. It’s like mixing the colors as a tint. It reminds us of the days of our childhood, when we as kids used to mix the colors like yellow with red to get an orange, or adding black to the red to get the effect of maroon. However, this only happens when both the ink and the t- shirt is light in color. You will get a shade but it’s not a big deal. The printer consists of dark ink yet it will be not up to the mark. You must have seen the t- shirt transfer paper which is used for the printing process. Their colors would generally be white or light. There are varieties available, so if you want to print on a dark colored t- shirt then go for the transfer paper which is designed only for the strong solid colors.


Image 3


For making your T-shirt printing process more interesting, buy a laser or an ink-jet printer in order to move your transfers, but make sure of the fact that the image used for printing is reversed so that it would be viewed correctly while it gets printed out. This process can be figured out through the software which offers reflect or mirror technique. If you have the basic programming of word, then the task may get a bit more troublesome. So, it is better that the image is reversed properly, and you print out the copy and keep in front of the mirror, you would then get an idea of how your image would look on your favorite t- shirt. Make sure to put the right kind of paper in your printer like card stock or heavy.

Modify the Image to get an exact Shape

We always say that shorter is the sweeter. It goes right along with the image printing on the t- shirt. You just have to trim around the sides to get the perfect shape. For example if you want the text of “The king of pop” under the picture of Michael Jackson, then trim the edges of the print. The excess of the hues of the color left after the printing would be removed by a good printer, which has a combination of transferring of t-shirt to printer. Now, your t- shirt is ready to wear.


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