In marketing sense a coupon is a ticket through which the financial rebate or say it as a discount is made available you get while purchasing any kinds of product.

Coupons are given by the retailers or the by the consumer packaged goods manufacturers which is used in the retail stores of the retail shops.

The distribution of coupons over net

The distribution of the coupons over the web is very simple process. They are released on air by the retailers themselves or directly in your mobile devices. When the coupons are issued through these channels it comes with a unique code which, when entered, lets you to get the promised discount on the actual price of the product. The codes are certified in which you are bound to get the concessions.

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Codes present in these coupons

In online shopping a coupon code is a code which consists of numbers and letters that the buyers can use. The potential customers need to enter the code in the promotional box given in the shopping carts while purchasing. The online merchants offer the coupon code, which have their respective codes, through several websites so that shoppers will purchase from their websites. Some vendors also use different methods like e-mailing news letters to the frequent online shoppers.

Popular online stores

There are popular online stores which gives thesecoupons. In these websites all kinds of leading brands are present. Some of the leading online shopping sites like,, flipkart,, jabong, myntra, domino’s, paytm,, fashionara, foodpanda, pepper fry, travel guru,, fashion and you, and many more to go have been leading the game for offering these coupons. You can see that from food to fashion, travels to electronics, coupon codes are made available to you only to let you buy their products online through their official websites.

How to use online coupon codes

The online coupons and their respective codes that you get via sources sometimes make you think how to use it while buying products. Here are few steps for you to know how the codes of the coupon can be used.

  • Search for the online coupons of the brand or brands that you want online and then the product you want.
  • Select the items you want to buy on the specific online site.
  • After choosing the product, confirm the product you are buying.
  • After the confirmation the shopping cart opens where you have to fill all the requirements.
  • There is a box where you have to write the coupon code and then proceed for the payment procedure.
  • Finish the order.

The online shopping is made more attractive with these promotional online coupon codes which are loved by the online shoppers. These coupons have actually taken the online shopping experience to a completely newer and different level, where every online shopper can actually get what they want.