Fall is upon us, and if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to update your wardrobe for the season, there’s no more sure-fire way to do it than to grab a fabulous accessory. Here are just a few of the major accessory trends you can look for in fall 2011:

1. A colorful clutch. From high-end (think Givenchy and Fendi) to low-end (American Apparel and Urban Outfitters), roomy clutches in eye-popping hues are on-trend this season. They look great with everything from a LBD to your favorite jeans-and-tee combo. Try one in peacock blue, mustard, jade, or rust all hot colors for fall 2011!

2. Snakeskin. Real or fake, this perennial staple is popping up on clutches and shoes alike. You can find it in an array of colors, too!

3. Plaid. Another perennial favorite! Get it on flats to look especially trendy, or choose a handbag for a more classic take on the pattern.

4. Feathered jewelry. Whether you choose earrings made with synthetic feathers, or jewelry made of cast metal (such as gold), feathered jewelry is very fall 2011 and you can choose anything from delicate pieces to bold statement items, so there really is something here for everyone. You can find everything feathered this season, including earrings, pendants, brooches, bracelets, and rings.

5. Anything jade or peacock blue. Every season there comes one or two bright colors that suddenly show up everywhere. This season, you can look for everything in jade green or peacock blue: bags, clutches, shoes, belts, jewelry, you name it, you got it. Use these colors to spice up your neutrals or anything black, or get really daring and mix with other brights.

6. Frothy shoes! You know it’s a serious trend when high-end designers like Alexander Wang jump on board: feathered, jeweled, and fuzzy-adorned shoes make an entrance this fall. Save these shoes for evening engagements, since their over-the-top design can seem costumey during daylight hours. The best part about such fabulous footwear? The rest of your outfit can be super-basic, and you’ll still look dressed-up.

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