To wear sunglasses has become an inclination of fashion for people around the world. Whether you step out of the house wearing a studious look with spectacles, or stylish oversized aviator sunglasses, you are promoting a sense of fashion amongst the people. The main task of the glasses is to protect your eyes from the scorching heat of the sun, but in today’s times they have become the trademark of fashion accessory. Wearing a stylish Ray Ban sunglass make you look athletic, cool and trendy. People click themselves after wearing this stylish eyewear, and flaunt their pictures in the social networking websites.


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Some of the best brands offer symbolic styling eye –wear, which make you stand out of the crowd. You can select your favorites from them and can create a buzz of fashion, amongst your group.

Aviator Origins From Ray ban:

Many people are not aware of the fame and popularity gained by the aviator sunglasses in the recent times. If we peek through the history, these glasses were originally designed for the usage of military. Some are aware of the fact that the company who originated these pair of sunglasses is known as the Ray-Ban.

Retro Looks In Fashion:

The Ray-Ban continues to manufacture the original styling of the symbolic aviator glass lenses. They are immensely popular around the world. The collection of old vintage aviators is marked as trendy amongst the people. There is also a production of wrap around tinted lenses, and new chic sunglasses by Ray Bans.


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Types OF Aviator Sunglasses For Men & Women:

Raen lomis comes in the shape of Aviator in the form of Italian overlay. They alter the traditional look of the glasses into a trendy form creating a style statement. The colors are available in 6 different shades that can go with any skin color, and can match upon several modern-day dressing styles. The additional benefits offered to the person are the focal lenses of Carl Zeiss which provide ample of protection, from the harmful rays of the sun.

The guys can step out in style with the Von zipper which offers voguish looking shades. All of the sporty guy stuff of surfing, biking, hikes and dancing can go with this symbol of style trademark. They are sleek and have a wrap around frame of polycarbonate, which makes them look wild and sturdy. It blocks the harsh sunrays from all sides.

The neon aviator style looks fresh and trendy on the face of women. They are available in several colors and are made with metal frames of light weight. The glasses are UV 400 which protects their eyes from the sun.

Mirrored Sunglasses By Aviator:

The Ray Bans aviator has gained the reputation amongst people as much as the other accessories. The ray bans were originally crafted for the United States aviator in 1937.They became the part of the airline industry and other current industries, after the introduction of mirrored sun-glasses. They are beautiful, mystique and filled with glory.

Customized V/S Traditional:

Most of the people like to wear the traditional aviator ranges. However, there are trend-setters which prefer to wear the custom sunglasses studded with personalized gems and jewellary like diamonds and gold. They design their own premium sunglasses, for a complete new look which looks fashionable.

The custom sunglasses offer to set a fashion statement along with giving protection to the eyes.