Sunglasses trends for 2013Think sunglasses are just for summer? Not anymore! Once a must-have to shield eyes on the beach or hide under-eye bags on a bad face day, sunglasses are now a stylish fashion accessory sported year-round and in all weather conditions. The September issue of Lucky magazine even features a write-up on actress Nicole Richie’s vintage sunglass collection—she confesses to owning several hundred pairs and says she always carries at least three or four different styles with her!

Your own sunglasses collection might not be so huge, but there’s no reason to settle for a single basic pair. Sunglasses are now considered a must-have accessory and having several different styles to rotate based on the season and your outfit is a must for any fashionista.

This fall, heavy retro influences mean oversized sunnies, cat-eyes, and round lenses are very big. Oversized white frames, either round or square, are particularly trendy; they impart an instant ‘60s French glam to any outfit. And you don’t need a celebrity’s vintage buying budget to snag a pair; designers from the high street to Gucci and Marc Jacobs have jumped on board with this trend, so there’s a pair at every price point.

Tortoiseshell is another hot commodity and can be found on a variety of frame styles. It’s a classic hybrid of pattern and neutral that works well with fall’s rich palette of grey, oxblood, camel, and a sea of jewel tones. It’s also an excellent way to embrace a retro shape like round frames without looking too costumey; since tortoiseshell is a classic, it keeps things firmly entrenched in the present. You can even find tortoiseshell prints in funky colors like red and orange, a fun way to mix classics with something a little more daring.

Of course, this doesn’t mean the classic designer eyeglasses shapes—simple aviators and cool-girl Ray-Bans—aren’t just as trendy this season. And for those who aren’t wowed by Jackie O style frames, menswear inspired tough-girl frames will be acceptable this season as well. But just because you’re sporting a menswear-inspired style of frame doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to basic black! Colorful frames will continue to be in fashion into the fall season, with hits of bright crimson popping up as a zesty compliment to fall’s rich color palette.

For the days it’s too overcast to need opaque lenses, lighter options are always available. Or you can push a pair of frames up on your head to hold back wayward strands! However you wear them, sunglasses are a fun and affordable way to add a little punch to your wardrobe, especially as the weather turns cooler.

A few tips to keep in mind while shopping:

– If you have a small face, avoid very large frames; they can be too overwhelming.
– Square or rectangular frames work on almost everyone.
– Round frames suggest a hippie-chic vibe but be warned: if you have very round features, they may not be the most flattering pick. On the other end of the spectrum, they can help soften angular features.
– If you’re nervous about trying out a funky color, try a gradient frame or one with just a pop of color at the temples or on the bottom rims. It’s a fun way to play a bit with color or even pattern, without really committing.

The bottom line for any pair, regardless of shape or what’s “now”, should be that you love them. After all, if you don’t love them, you won’t wear them!