Swimming is an ideal way of relaxing and having fun. But having the right amount of preparedness and knowing what to pack is essential for a safe and hassle-free day at the beach or pool. Here’s a list of reminders to keep in mind when planning for a swimming trip.

Waterproof bag

The first thing to consider is what bag to bring. Of course, women may opt for lighter handbags that look trendy on the beach, but it never hurts to try on a waterproof bag. Perfect for carrying all your essentials, and your wet clothes and towels afterward, waterproof bags can store your items safely and keep them dry.


One of the most important things to bring when going for a swim is sunscreen. Being exposed to the sun is very risky and ultraviolet radiation is very harmful, causing more damage than just sunburn. If you’re planning on taking full advantage from the sun and getting a tan, remember to load up on your SPFs.

First-aid kit

Many unforeseen injuries could happen at the beach or pool. This could range from minor cuts to dizzy spells and others. When packing a first-aid kit, remember such essentials as band-aid and disinfectant for cleansing out wounds and eye and ear drops for emergencies. Personnel at the swimming site may have kits of their own for you, but it is always a good idea to be prepared.

Remember to eat food

 Activities at the beach can be very exhausting, especially since you are exposed to the sun. Remember to eat food before setting out for swimming and bring along snacks when you get hungry. Bring money for food as well if you don’t want to pack your own. Be sure to eat right so you can have the right amount of energy for more fun.

Bring lots of water

 Long exposure to the sun results in dehydration when your intake of fluids is not enough. Remember to bring along lots of water to rehydrate yourself while at the beach or pool. Don’t forget that dehydration can be very dangerous, so be sure to load up on water.

Bring a hat and glasses

 Another way of protecting yourself from the harsh heat of the sun is to bring along a sun hat and dark glasses. The glare could be very painful to the eyes, so wearing glasses will be a good way of protecting your eyes. Wearing a sun hat is also an ideal way of protecting your face and avoid sunburn.

Check your clothes

 Clothes for your day of swimming don’t just include your bathing suit. You also need to bring along whatever clothing you want to wear after you’re done swimming. Other clothes you might need are cover-ups and shawls for when you want to go exploring or walking around the area without having to wear just your swimsuit. Another item is your towel for drying off. Wear light flip-flops as well to keep the sand out of your feet.

Bring essentials like shampoo, soap and more

 Your body will be exposed to salty or chlorinated water when you go swimming and this can cause irritation and dryness of skin. Be sure to bring along moisturizers for your skin and lip balms for your lips to avoid getting them chapped. Remember to bring shampoo or conditioner and soap as well for when you shower after swimming. Deodorant and cologne are also essential.

Always be prepared for your day at the beach or pool to ensure that you have fun. Remember these essentials and you’re good to go. Don’t forget to soak up the sun and have fun!

Sophie White is a fashion blogger based in Australia. She’s up to date with the latest trend in clothing, hairstyle, shoes and any apparel that can turn heads. Her passion for fashion has inspired her to lead the online marketing campaign for Swimsuits Direct, a women’s swimwear boutique in North Brunswick, NJ.