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Jackman Stabs Stuntwomen

Hugh Jackman has revealed that he accidentally stabbed a stuntwoman with his metal claws during the filming of X-Men Origins: Wolverine. As per Digital Spy the incident has forced film , bosses to rethink how to film the scene...

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Nicole on a Fashion High!

Nicole Kidman has once again been voted the ‘Most Fashionable Aussie,’ in a new survey. According to the annual Rosemount O Summer Style Index, the actress grabbed the title beating former Miss Universe-turned-TV presenter...

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Young Hotties to Host the Oscars

The Oscar bosses are roping in young Hollywood heartthrobs in a bid to attract more TV viewers in a year that has seen a slump in the TRPs for telecast award ceremonies. The latest name to join the list of rising stars who will...

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