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I am the Resurrection.

They say if you’ve lived in a city for 8 years then you can class yourself as a local. So if this is the case, then I guess I would be called a scouser? However, style wise, do I want to be? In the sixties Liverpool was known as...

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Occasion Dressing

I remember when I was about 17 years old and I was going through my ‘be different’ phase, which involved me being ever so slightly non conformist when it came to dressing for an ‘occasion’. I chose to wear ball gowns in the day...

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A True Carrie Moment

Like every girl on the planet I love Carrie, the character famously created by Sarah Jessica Parker, for the cult TV programme that was Sex in the City! When I first moved away from home to go to drama school, I lived next door...

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Bank Holiday Bonus

As the summer evenings become lighter, longer and fingers crossed they remain warmer, it feels like the Easter bank holiday has only just been and gone. Now I find myself with another bank holiday to fill! It shouldn’t be hard;...

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