Ever wonder what your date thinks of your hair and makeup? With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about your date night look. Here are some of the best and worst looks you can wear on a date:

Best: Touchable, bouncy waves. Guys like to be able to touch your hair, and they also love it when you’re confident to look natural (not flat-ironed to perfection).

Worst: Sticky products; anything that looks like it took hours to create. If you’re afraid to get a hair out of place, your date will be too and obviously, hair that’s loaded with products is no fun to touch.

Best: Light, glowy makeup. A little tinted moisturizer and highlighters makes your whole face glow, even if you’re not dining by candlelight.

Worst: Spacle-y foundation. Guys start to wonder what you’re hiding with that thick makeup.

Best: A low, loose bun. It’s sweet, and shows off your neck (which most guys love).

Worst: Sky-high topknots (or any other architectural ‘do). Again, guys are afraid to touch your hair. Severely pulled back hair can age you, and anything too bizarre approaches sci-fi territory.

Best: A little tinted lip balm or clear lip gloss. If you want to wear lipstick, choose a smooch-proof formula.

Worst: Anything that leaves stains on his face. He doesn’t want to be wearing your makeup by the end of the night.

Best: A cute hair accessory, like a headband or a sparkly barrette. It’s cute without being over-the-top.

Worst: Hair wreaths. Giant bows. Enormous flowers in your ponytail. For most guys, this crosses the line from beauty accessory to borderline scary fashion trend so skip it, and don’t make him try to guess what’s on your head.

Best: A hint of mascara. Bonus points if you curled your eyelashes for a natural, sexy flutter.

Worst: False lashes. They’re truly scary when you get up close, and if you pull a Britney Spears and lose one in your soup? Check, please.