When you hear the word ‘diamond’, what immediately invokes in your mind? Well! If I can guess, then it is images of weddings and engagements. The classic chic of diamonds is just perfect for such type of occasions. After all “Diamonds are Forever”.

In this society, where cash and gifts cards have become the essential gift items, wedding diamond rings are unique gift items. Today’s cosmopolitan society, a diamond wedding ring can mean different for different people. Today diamond wedding rings cuts across all cultures illustrating the same emotions of life and love.

Diamond Rings in the 16th Century

During 16th century, diamond was symbol of forever and faithfulness that stimulated people’s kindness. In that period, in royal weddings, diamond rings are the integral part which make wedding perfect. The diamond crafting technology was excellent and it showed great advancement. The rings were more beautiful in the next century. Elegant hand-made diamond rings were available in different motifs and patterns such as heart, flower, etc and decorated with attractive designs.

Even in the 17th century, diamond wedding ring had its own status. Graceful diamond rings were considered honourable, with rose or table-shaped or small-shaped cuttings, which were embedded in gold and blue or black coating.

Thus began the tradition of giving diamond rings at engagements and weddings, to seal your Love, Forever. However, in some cultures, diamond ring also signifies luxury and prosperity.

Diamond Rings: Express Love, Affection and Desire

Jewellery or ornament is an extensive term use to define a huge variety of embellishment which enhances mainly women’s beauty. Although, history shows evidence that ornaments were being worn by both male and female of all cultures. Vintage diamond marriage rings are the best option presents for grooms, who wish their brides to look like princess.

Exchanging rings has always been considered as the first pick, for showcasing love, affection and desire for each other. Wedding diamonds rings are said to be there presentation of warmth, care and eternal love. Therefore, diamond rings are special.

Ancient Egyptians appreciate all types of ornaments and embellishment like anklets, necklaces, rings bracelets, and many other accessories. After Egypt, diamonds rings took their place gradually in the European culture scattering across signifying faithfulness, prosperity and strength.

In those periods, even the under privileged wore ornaments having simple in design and inexpensive unlike nobles and the royals. Exquisitely and luminously created traditional diamond rings can remind you about the royal times of history that many of us always wished to be a part of.

Diamonds are termed as best friends of woman, which is why a diamond ring is very close to woman heart with its 4 C i.e. cut, color, clarity, and carat. Today, this ornament is among most appealing style element. These rings are everlasting; to make this stone that will echo ultimate wisdom, lot of artisans and professionals, right from gemmologists to craftsmen, put their efforts together to deliver a rock with great levels of beauty, glitter and shine.

So, if you are in deep love with someone and want to make them realize their worth in your life, present them diamond rings that reflects true love.