Valentine’s Day is seen as the last major holiday of what is known in the wedding industry as engagement season – starting with Thanksgiving and going through Christmas and New Year. Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular proposal dates in the year, and if you are planning to pop the question to a loved one on February 14th this year, and you plan to surprise them with the ring rather than asking them to choose their own, then there are certain things you absolutely need to get right in order to make the moment as special as you are hoping it will be.

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Getting the size of the ring right may not seem like a major deal. After all, you can get a jeweler to resize a ring that you’ve already purchased. However, most people envisage their proposal going along the lines of the bride saying yes and putting the ring on straight away, ready to take pictures to share on social media! If the ring doesn’t fit, this doesn’t mean that she will say no, but it will add a slight hint of disappointment to the occasion. If you can find a ring that she wears on the right finger, it is easy enough to borrow it for a little while you shop for rings, or you can try on a ring that she owns yourself and get a feel for how a suitable ring would feel if you tried it on. This may sound odd, but jewelers will not find it strange for you to want to test a ring out on your own finger.


More and more people today are concerned that when it comes to jewels, especially diamond rings, that the stones used are ethically sourced. Some jewelry companies like Brilliant Earth specialize in ethically sourced diamond jewelry, allowing you to find stunning engagement rings that will not make your bride-to-be feel uncomfortable from an ethical perspective.

Metal Color

Engagement rings are normally made of gold or platinum, but rings can be white, yellow, or even rose-colored. The color of the metal is very important because an engagement ring is something that is worn at all times, and so will need to coordinate with any other jewelry the wearer wishes to wear. If you notice that she always wears white gold, silver, or platinum jewelry then a yellow gold ring will probably not be the best choice. Take a look at the jewelry she normally wears and even things like her usual watch if she wears one, to get an idea of what will match nicely and see if she has a particular preference in terms of taste.

Even if you follow all of these steps, it’s still possible that the ring you choose will not be the one that she would have chosen herself, so always make sure that she knows that you won’t mind if she would rather pick out something different, after all the important thing is that she says yes!