Summer is almost upon us, school will soon be out and families are looking forward to spending some quality time in the sun together away from home. Whether you are travelling with one tiny tot or a brood of tweens and teens, there are a number of ways to cut the stress of jetting off abroad with your bairns.

Travelling With Kids1. Don’t blow your budget before you go. While it can be tempting to buy your children an expensive new wardrobe for your getaway, remember that you are only travelling for a week or two at the most. Pick up low cost swimming trunks and holiday clothes, and save your spends for fun-filled excursions while you are away. The smiles on their faces will be the best thing they can wear, anyway.

2. Make time for the simple things. Children are often happy left to their own devices jumping in and out of the pools and making the most of what is on offer at your accommodation. Pack a few pairs of low cost swimming trunks and costumes from George at ASDA to be sure that you are always equipped for a spontaneous splash in the pool. Don’t forget the water wings and inflatables!

3. Don’t let the journey drag. Whether you are flying as far as Mexico, or heading over the pond to Spain, children generally find travelling quite boring. As the initial airport excitement fades, be sure you have packed plenty of bits and pieces to keep them entertained along the way. Use their cabin luggage allowance for age-appropriate activities. Generally, comics, colouring books and sticker activities are a hit, however older children may appreciate portable games consoles and music players. Travel games are also fantastic for family fun.

4. Take plenty of sun protection with you. Although you will be able to buy sun creams and lotions while you are away, it is important that you pick a high factor ointment that protects against both UVA and UVB rays. Reading what a product has to offer while you are at home is much wiser than picking up whatever your hotel offers during your time abroad. It is also recommended that children are kept out of the sun during the midday heats, when its rays are at their strongest. Take protective swimwear and sunhats too.

5. Don’t skip on the important stuff. Travelling without insurance is very risky and can put your family in danger should the worst happen. If you are venturing within the EU, don’t forget to apply online for the EHIC card which will give all members of your family access to healthcare while you’re away if they fall ill or have an accident. While safety is paramount, it is also worth totting up your budget and looking into all inclusive breaks, which guarantee three full meals, snacks and drinks a day for your entire clan, insurance against an empty tummy never goes amiss.

All ready to go? Get ready for some fun in the sun – start by popping over to George and picking up those swimming trunks, you’re going to need them!

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