There are certain foods that are literally fit for the king or in today’s world the super rich. Here are four of the most expensive and luxurious delicacies that the human palate can enjoy. By no means is the list comprehensive and there are quite a few other delicacies that need a deep pocket to enjoy!

Beluga Caviar is highly coveted and is among the most expensive delicacies. Caviar or fish roe extracted from Beluga Sturgeon can set you back by $5000 or more for a kilo of it. It is highly coveted as it is the largest of fish eggs used as caviar. Usually served on toast Beluga caviar ranges from black to purple, with the lighter shades being more expensive.

Saffron, the most expensive of spices is nothing more than the stigma of the crocus flower. Each flower has three stigmas that are hand extracted and dried. Thousands of stigmas make an ounce of this revered and fragrant spice. No doubt it is insanely expensive at prices as high as $2000 for an ounce of the real thing, the best coming from Spain.

Kobe beef is produced by the most pampered cattle in the world. Black Tajimaushi, Wagyu Cattle from Hyogo prefecture Japan is bred traditionally through a secret method and then is fed grain and beer. They receive massages by hand every day, resulting in very tender meat with intense marbling.

Fugu is loved and feared by its connoisseur. One slip while preparing it would mean instant death, and yet people pay $250 and more for a single meal of this poisonous puffer or blow fish. There are over 40 types of Fugu, each with a different pocket of poison. The delicacy is prepared so that a very minute amount of the poison remains, to give a mildly tingling and numbing sensation.