One of the best ways to buy men’s underwear is going through several online stores and look for the best undergarment that could suit them. As majority of the people think that buying underclothes is their private concern, so many of the online stores offers wide range of choices in front of their customers. Also, the men’s undergarment stores avail limited brand as compared to the online shops, so online shops are mostly preferred as it makes easy to access multiple brands at the same place.

male underwear

So, if you are also planning to buy male underwear from any of the online stores, you need to first discover the best styles of undergarments. As a result, let us have a look at the trendiest styles for 2015:

  • Boxer: This is the most common underwear style that is mostly preferred by majority of the customers. It is the go-to undergarment especially for those who are aware of some of the more sophisticated men’s undergarment style, but still its simplicity makes the garment an ideal choice. Some of the stores have replaced boxers with the mini boxer which is a better match for the house style. The mini boxer is an intermediary between the bikini or the brief and mid-cut. This style generally comes with or without a visible waistband and can be categorized into X3D, FEEL and MAX styles.
  • Mid-cut: The mid-cut style underwear is also popular as the long boxer, boxer brief, brief or the long short that offers with the most conservative look while providing equal comfort. This style is generally used by athletes or by those who are suffering from chafing in the groin area. It offers full leg support along with the pouch enhancement feature and so is considered as most comfortable and sophisticated underwear. One of the major benefits of this undergarment is that it is breathable as well as warm and has been praised by majority of the males working in number of industries.
  • Bikini: For those who love to add a pinch of style to their underwear collection can opt for the bikini style underwear. The bikini style underwear is preferably the first choice for those who are involved in intense physical activities. The bikini style along with offering a sophisticated look gives a sensation of wearing nothing at all. Generally, it covers the front pouch and part of the back. The bikini style underwear has the broadest range of portfolio that includes different styles and colors ranging from dark turquoise to the subtle tones of mink. It offers great comfort as well as convenience while giving a sleeker look. These are ideal for the larger or muscular men as they don’t have leg coverage and so thigh size is not an issue in that. The bikinis are being recommended for the everyday use depending on one’s lifestyle.
  • Thongs & Jocks: Thongs and Jocks are among the hottest men’s underwear style but are little bit different from each other. They look quite similar as well as offer similar benefits but based on some of the features they differ from each other. Initially, the jock straps were intended for the sports requiring intense physical effort but now have been evolved as a wild and often underrated undergarment in the men’s fashion. Similar way, the thongs are being associated with the women apparels but now have gradually shifted towards male fashion. These undergarments are for those males who do not like their undergarments to be shown under tight pants made from thin materials.

Thus, these are some of the most stylish men’s underwear that are getting popular in 2015.