Extreme Pie has been offering a wide range of surf, snow and sport apparel and trainers for over a decade, with brands like Etnies, Roxy, Volcom and Vans for both ladies and men. Whether you’re looking for street gear or sports gear, Extreme Pie has you covered! With a new season now here it’s a good time to look at some of the trends in ladies’ and men’s footwear, including Vans trainers available from Extreme Pie.

Vans Trainers

If wedge sneakers ruled the streets in 2012, 2013 is definitely the year of the flat trainer—but that doesn’t mean these trainers are boring! Stripes, patterns, and bold colors like cranberry and purple make these trainers a snazzy addition to any outfit. For ladies, slip-on and lace-up styles are equally popular, and some espadrille-inspired trainers are even making the transition from summer to autumn. Men’s styles are available in both solid colors and patterns and you can add brightly colored contrasting laces for further color.

So what is the best way to wear the latest trends in trainers? Because these shoes have a fairly sporty, masculine feel to them, you can either go for a very sporty and androgynous-chic look or balance them with more feminine pieces. It all depends on the look and feel you want to achieve with your outfit. If you like a very sporty, slightly tomboy-ish look, pair your Vans trainers with cuffed boyfriend jeans, a vintage rock tee or one with studs (another hot fall 2013 trend), and bold jewelry.

If you want to make your trainers more feminine, consider pairings like a plaid mini, a flirty floral dress, or colorful shorts with tights and a blouse. Adding accessories like a structured handbag, plaid scarf, or oversized jewelry will heighten the feminine/masculine play of styles and make your Vans trainers super-trendy for fall 2013.

A few other reasons you should consider adding a pair of Vans trainers to your fall wardrobe:

– A pop of color on your shoes is a great way to perk up a blah outfit without much energy!
– They’re much more comfortable for commuting than a pair of heels!
– They’re a great way to transition into the weekend without downgrading your style.
– They’re affordable—it’s easy to get ahold of them from a Vans stockiest for less than $100.

So what are you waiting for? Add a pair of Vans trainers to your fall wardrobe today for an instant style boost.

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