Western purses are very often designed fashionably, used mostly by women, to hold personal items such as cash, coins, cosmetics, keys, jewelry, pen, etc. It is one of the most needed accessories in today date.


Since they turned out to be fashion accessories they are categorized by different types. Some of the current popular trends of these purses are as follows:

Baguette-it a rectangular shaped purse, small and narrow and looks like a loaf of a French bread.

Barrel –the shape of this kind of a purse is that of a closed tube. Also called a barrel with a strap that comes to the length of a shoulder.

Bowling bag purse- this purse is usually associated with younger generation women. It is sleek and looks like an American purse which is used to carry bowing balls.

Bucket bag- it has a shape of a bucket. It is found in either large or midsized sizes with a strap that comes to the shoulder.

Clutch- it is a handbag that does not have any handle. Its shape is rectangular and is considered an evening purse. But is also used during the day time.

Drawstring- it has a drawstring on its top with the help of which it get closed. It is popularly known as an evening purse and its strap is shoulder lengthed.

Half moon-this is an evening purse and has a shape that of a half moon. It looks very pretty and comes in trendy colours. It also comes in colour like silver, light blue and so on.

Hobo-it is a medium sized crescent shaped bag with a zip on the top and a silhouette that looks very casual. It is a smart looking purse.

Kiondo- it is a hand-woven purse which is made up of trimming of leather and sisal.

Lighted-it consist of lightning in it. When you open and close the purse a flash of light appears in it. It is considered a very cool purse available in the market.

Messenger bag- it has a long strap that is worn on the body. It I basically inspired by messengers who come to deliver mail

Muff-it is a winter purse made up of faux fur, velvet or wool which has compartments had are zippered and looks extremely fashionable.

Satchel- it is made up of leather and looks like a soft sided case.

Tote- it is a medium to a large sized bag with an open top and two traps.

Trapezoid- it looks as if it is made up of stiff material and is made of hap of a trapezoid.

So we see that the above mentioned trends of the western purses are not only unique but also have abstract prints along with interesting material. The clutch is mostly made up of eel skin. It is also expensive and is an alternative to goat, cow and sheep leather. There are different kinds of purses all around the world. It’s the intelligence of the people that they have been able to design various purses and handbags using different kinds of material and in accordance to their needs.