The first known Christmas cards were commissioned in 1843 by Henry Cole. The purpose of those cards seems to have been to encourage acts of charity around the Christmas season. The family gathering portrayed on the card toasting the health of the recipient was flanked on either side by a portrayal of some act of generosity, suggesting that perhaps the gathering portrayed was the result of some forgotten kindness in the recipient’s past.

British royalty made the trend official in the mid 1840s, and the popularity of Christmas cards continued to grow. The first White House card was issued in 1953, and people all over the world now send these cards to each other in celebration of the Christmas season. Today, people celebrate Christmas for a variety of reasons.

Celebrating Freedom of Religion

Though the first Christmas cards rarely portrayed religious images, the tradition of religious images grew over time. Today, many people celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday and send inwood greetingcards that reflect religious sentiments. This celebrates the freedom that many countries have to practice whatever religion you choose without being subject to discrimination.

Celebrating Family and Friends

Many people use this time to celebrate their family and friends. They will make a Christmas Card List comprised of a variety of people, including immediate and extended family, close friends, and sometimes even co-workers and acquaintances. Then they send the cards out as a celebration of the community that they enjoy with these people. The cards are a way of conveying the importance of friendship and goodwill to each other.

Celebrating the Winter Season

Many Christmas cards are sent out just to celebrate the magic of winter. Often, cards will bear images of snow-covered pines or of Santa Claus with reindeer pulling his sleigh through the air. Other common pictures that are celebratory of the winter season include ice-skating, children sledding, and snowmen. Despite the bitter cold of the winter season, there is a warmth and magic to the time that is often celebrated during the Christmas season.

Celebrating the Giving of Gifts

Many times a Christmas card will accompany a gift, whether mailed or given in person. This is a way of celebrating the generosity of family and friends. Often, people celebrate the good feeling that comes from giving to people who are close to you, and the card emphasizes the personal connection to the gift. Some even see receiving the card as a small gift. When they send a card, they attempt to pick one that will bring a smile to the face of the recipient and trigger memories of good times shared.

It’s time to start sending out those Christmas cards again, and you will probably receive Christmas cards from some of your friends. This year, as you look at the variety of Christmas cards that are offered, think about the message that you want to send. Why do you send cards on Christmas? Maybe you’re celebrating something that wasn’t covered here. If so, find the card that fits what you want to celebrate and send that. Let people know that you’re not just sending cards to satisfy tradition. You want to celebrate them. You want to celebrate your friendship or your connection with them. You want to let them know that you still think of them. Make this Christmas season a special one for you and everyone that you hold dear.