Jennifer Love Split with Ross

Jennifer Love Hewitt and Ross McCall reportedly split after she demanded a high-profile wedding. The GhostWhisperer actress who got engaged to the Scottish actor in November 2007 wanted to sell the rights to their nuptials, but Ross was against the idea.

A source said, “They had a massive fight over the wedding plans. Ross felt he was being exploited by Jennifer because she was planning to sell their wedding pictures to a celebrity magazine.

“And when she told him she even had plans to sell the rights to their bachelor and bachelorette parties, Ross hit the roof !” Friends are hopeful they will give their romance a second chance.

The source added, “Ross didn’t want his relationship played out in the press. Jennifer’s need for media attention put a strain on their relationship and resulted in the split. Being in the limelight wasn’t important to Ross. He valued privacy more than she did.”

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