Winter weddings have their own charm and mysticism. Everyone is already in a holiday mood and on so many occasions, the feeling is very festive. Weddings held in the winter season have a magical quality that is enhanced further by Christmas and New Year. Winter weddings are always slightly tricky to handle since winter clothing isn’t always fashionable enough to wear for formal functions like weddings and receptions.

Finding something adequate to wear for winter weddings is a challenge at best. Most people fail at taking inspiration from winter fashions because it tends to clash with holiday wear. Katie from Orla James feels that winter wedding wear should be chic and trendy, yet shouldn’t give you frostbite at the end of the night!

Keeping her sentiments in view, we have managed to come up with a few ideas that could be considered trendy winter wear, yet are comfortable enough to keep you toasty and warm during formal affairs like winter weddings.

Faux Fur:

Consider wearing rich, thick textures for formal winter weddings. You can carry off a suitable long-sleeved dress in velvet with faux fur. Simultaneously, carry a faux fur cover up to add to the elegance of your dress. Most women tend to wear dresses that are longer in length and are able to cover the legs and arms adequately. To this, you could add an ankle-grazing faux fur collared coat that accentuates the overall glam factor of your dress and makeup. You can keep warm in your coat and yet accessorize with sparkly brooches and chunky neckpieces to make heads turn with your fashion statement!

Wraps and Shrugs:

Wraps and shrugs add a trendy, fashionable touch to almost all outfits. When you think of winter wedding fashions, think cashmere wraps and velvet shrugs. Almost any outfit can be turned to one of simple elegance with a cashmere wrap. Invest in cashmere shades of beige, black, and maroon to accessorize with your formal outfits. These can also be carried fashionably on pantsuits, collared blouses, and full-sleeved dresses. Shrugs can also be worn on pants to add extra cover from the cold. Accessorize with long earrings to give your winter wedding look a classy spin.


Instead of skirts and dresses, consider wearing a suit to the wedding. Pants, shirt, and a blazer or jacket will keep you warm throughout the ceremony, yet is formal and classy enough to be a part of the wedding party. If you are considering a suit, you could wear a silk shirt or a strapless top underneath to add casual chic to your ensemble. You could also opt for slinky black sleeveless blouses or animal print silk tops to wear underneath the blazer or jacket. Avoid white since it tends to look very corporate and is usually office wear. With your trousers, wear flats or heels with sheer stockings to compliment the look. You can also opt for suits in metallic shades to add to the glam factor at the wedding.


While a lot of people might be averse to this, jumpsuits are actually fantastic choices for winter weddings. A bustier jumpsuit with a blazer can work wonders on your wedding fashion and add to your glam quotient. You could pair a textured jumpsuit with long sleeves with flats and a faux fur cropped jacket. Alternatively, you could also wear it with a pair of metallic strappy sandals with sheer stockings. Accessorize with some chunky jewelry and bracelets to look effortlessly trendy and chic. The choices with jumpsuits are endless.

Tights and Footwear

Just because it’s winter, you don’t have to pull on a pair of sneakers! Instead, you could consider kitten-heeled boots that add height to your look, make your legs look longer, and keep your toes warm. Avoid suede shoes as far as possible because roads can get slick with snow or rain which, in turn, will ruin your shoes. Also, don’t be a victim of cold feet for the sake of fashion. If you plan on wearing pretty sandals or strappy heels, wear a pair of tights or stockings underneath. It is no longer considered a fashion faux pas to be seen wearing tights or stockings inside footwear. For all you know, the bride could also be wearing a pair of tights underneath her wedding gown to keep warm!

Select any of these ideas to mix and match a style that best suits your fashion sense. Remember that in winter weddings, comfort matters above all else. So get your wardrobe together to pull off all winter weddings with great pomp!